Two days away from the 50mile race and running out of things to do with my free time.  I mean I have a ton of things I need to do but I usually avoid doing all those things by running or going to the gym.
I miss my dog, she was crazy but she took up a lot of my time and attention now I have more time to think.  That's no good.  Plus going for a walk isn't the same if you don't have a dog with you.
I'm mostly thinking about how dumb it is to go by myself to a 50 mile race that is an hour away.  I feel like it's going to end badly.  Die alone on the trail kind of thing.  I'm being dramatic but I'm worried I'm going to get sick and have to drive myself back pulling over every couple of minutes to barf or worse.
I was out of coffee this morning so I had to stop at the store right after dropping Gretchen off at preschool.  This happened.

Hershey's cereal, not healthy but delicious, dark chocolate covered almonds, kinda healthy and delicious,  last chocolate flavored powered peanut butter, healthy.  Gretchen and I used it in some banana smoothies we made, so good.

So I saw this recent story of a female runner being attacked while running and I love it.  

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  1. You can do it. Call your dad if you need help or Beth. Wish I could be there. Mom