What's Up


Win at Life?  There was zero information in the issue about how to win at life.  Thank you Self, the most pointless magazine ever that I only subscribe to because you've got me on auto pay from clicking the wrong button on the Active website once.  

This week I felt like I recovered super fast.  Felt like I was good to go by Wednesday morning.  Ran 8 miles on Wednesday then Thursday went out for 9.  Unfortunately my knee was bothered by this.  I think it was just still bruised from falling on it in the race.  It only felt bothered by impact exercise.  To be smart I didn't run again till today and I think it's recovered.

Time spent running: about 2:15 didn't have a watch for all of it but thats about right.
Time spent lifting: about 2:00  Started at new gym this week.  It's convenient and not to packed when I go.  I feel like I'm going to have a hard time getting a squat rack when I want it but other than that it's good.

Plans for the week include plenty of gym time, getting out of the house a bit earlier in the mornings and as many miles as my body tells me it can do.  Slowly working on getting my mileage base up to 60.  Trying to build a relationship with my pull up bar.  Needs to get serious so I can make these pull ups happen.


  1. You are a beast girl!! You need to train me on my running!!!! :)

    1. Thanks Heather! I know we don't live close but if I can help with anything let me know.