Found a good pic of myself on the Tough Mudder website.  I mean my face says "oh f this" but I'm covered in mud and I made it across so I think I look good.

The more I run the worse my diet gets.  Going to attempt to reintroduce fruits and vegetables to myself this week,  will see how that goes.

Found out where the sidewalk ends on one of my runs this week.

Got a new yoga mat since my old one was dirty and gross.  Probably should of unrolled it before I bought it.  "Dance Love Sing Live" has never been my mantra.

Miles Ran this Week:  60 
Time Spent Running: 8:40 about
Time Spent Lifting: 1:30  made it to the gym twice this week
Time Spent in YoPi classes: 2:00 I think it is good for stretching out the legs from running
Managed to get all my workouts in and still take 2 complete days off this week.  

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