Tough it Out

Gretchen finding use out of more of my running accessories.  We took a walk after dark the other night so headlamp came in handy.

Proof that I did a tough mudder on Saturday.  I couldn't decide if I really wanted to go or not because  I thought I would feel awkward in the group I was with but race money is never refundable so I went.  I guess it was mostly what I thought it would be.  10ish miles though a muddier than I expected field with obstacles every so often.  The running wasn't really hard, I mean it was sloshy mud the whole way but you stopped every mile or so for an obstacle.  Some of the obstacles had long lines and I really hate waiting in lines especially when you are freezing cold from jumping in a pit of water at the last obstacle.  Some of the obstacles were stupid:  walking through a creek for I'm guessing 1/4 mile,  it's cold and not fun but not hard to do.  Some of the obstacles were scary:  jumping off of a plank 25' high(I don't know how high it was just felt that high) I screamed like a girl,  jumping into a vat of ice filled dirty water and having to go under to reach the other side to get out and the monkey bars which were very long and over top a water pit.   The first two I just did without thinking because thinking would of caused me not to do them.  The monkey bars I thought there was no way I could get across without falling and was going to skip but went for it and didn't seem so impossible once I got going and it was either get across or fall into a pit of cold water.  
I'm glad I did one just to do it but would much prefer an ultra run over a mudder.  Mostly because  in Ultras there is no waiting, the aid stations are only a million times better and ultras aren't "produced" events.  You are running on the land how it exists naturally.   And of course I think ultra's make you way cooler and tougher than a tough mudder.

Miles ran last week:  40 low but not bad low.
No weights but getting back on that this week.

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