Go Run

So not loving this cold weather,  started doing some miles on the treadmill.  I feel like my life is really boring lately.  Gym, work, run, that's about it.  I know what you're thinking " Kristen your life is always this boring, nothings changed."

Gretchen did turn 4 this past week.  That was a big deal.  We had a party, she had a great time, getting lots of great clothes, Anna dolls, play dough and much more.  She told me she wanted a pineapple for her party.  I was like "yes, something I can deliver on!"  I didn't do a great job of taking pictures but oh well.

I had a Saturday morning off which never happens unless I ask off for a race so I signed up for volunteering for packet pick up at the Pilgrim Pacer race.  Really cold that morning and I forgot to bring my coveralls but glad I went.  First time at a race I wasn't running.

So cold!

Less than 10 weeks out from my 100miler.   This means only 7 weeks left of high mileage before tapering down for the race.  Thursday is my only day off work this week so planning on getting a serious amount of miles in before Thanksgiving dinner.  My longest run last week was only 15 miles so I need to pump that up a bit.

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