What's Up Round Up

Been a few weeks.  Had another solid 60 mile week then spent the next week sick only got in 29 miles.  Back on track this week hopefully finishing with 50+ miles after tomorrow.   Made it to the gym 4 times for weights and piyo once. 

Halloween happened, Gretchen went back and forth between Hello Kitty and princess Anna from Frozen.   Finally decided on Anna.

Found the ear piece to my headphones I lost in the gym parking lot over a month ago.  Decided it was best to leave it there to avoid disease and such.

Made a pie chart while I was lying around not running last week.  It's how I'd like to spend my time if you know I didn't have to work.  I suppose at some point I would want to be social but that could just overlap with any of the categories.

Then I went ahead and signed up for my first 100 mile race.  The Rocky Raccoon in Huntsville, TX on January 31st.  It will be the biggest Ultra race I have been to by far.  Last year they had 485 people start the race with 280 finishers.  It's a flat trail course of five 20mile laps.  From everything I have heard and read about the race I think I have a good shot at completing it in sub 24 hours.  I have nothing planned out as far as how I'm getting there or what I need to think about bringing or hotel room but it's happening.  I think it will be good even though I'm slightly less excited about getting to train in 30˚ temps this week.

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  1. Anna looks great. How did you decide on 13% being lazy?