I Ran Now Give Me Pie


Had a really solid 20 mile run Thanksgiving morning.  I was not looking forward to it and not sure how it would go seeing how it was a super warm 25˚ out.  I was starting out at my parents house and planned to run to my sister's house in Warrensburg, exactly 10 miles away.  

About 5 miles out I decided I wouldn't turn around and texted my sister on my ETA at her house.  Then took a couple of pictures.  The whole run was a lot more pleasant than I pictured it being. Even though it was below freezing out there was really no wind.  I had dressed well for the run and did take a 30 minute break at my sister's house to dry out my sweaty clothes(gross I know).  She had water and saltines with peanut butter which was perfect snack for running the 10 miles back to my parents house.  The run back went by fast and I was starving when I reached my parents house.  Worked out perfectly since there was a Thanksgiving dinner to eat.

Got mentioned in the December issue of Ultra Running magazine.  A magazine no one has ever heard of but it exists.  It was a race report on the Hawk in September.  

Finished last week with 52 miles and the week before with 51 all ok but need to beef it up with only 6 weeks left of training till taper for the Rocky Raccoon.  Weather guys are says temps and conditions look to be pretty mild for the first half of December so I'm hopping.  Decent temps would make training so much easier and pleasant.  

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