Long Run


Ran to the start of the trail on my 22 mile long run last week.  It was in the mid 30's, not to bad.  They have new mile markers every 2/10ths of a mile now with exact location information on them now.  Now when someone wants to murder me I can ask them to hold off till I can make a call and give the 911 operator my exact location.

This Thursday my official long run day I started off with an hour of piyo in the morning.  When your piyo instructor shows up at your Christmas party you kinda have to start showing up at her class again.  It's a great class I just was lazy and missed last week.  Class was great other than I don't know how I feel about the free style sun salutations.  I prefer just being told what to do.  After I went home napped then finally got out to run after 1.  Only saw 2 cyclist the whole time I was out.  Ran 20 miles went home showered put on a clean running outfit and immediately drove out to run another 4-5ish miles with the BAR group.  Does it make sense to shower just to go out and run again?  I have no idea but it feels right.

Only have 155.5 miles left to hit 2000 for the year.  With just short of 3 weeks left it seems like no big deal since I should be running over 50 every week anyway.  

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  1. Its probably smart to shower before meeting up with other people! I ran 10 miles on Saturday, felt like it took forever! 22 miles will feel like a lifetime I assume.