Winning, Not Winning

Looks like I found a pacer for the Rocky Raccoon.  Never met him but he is apparently from the area, is familiar with the trails we'll be running and upon inspection of his FB page runs a ton completed a full iron man this year and loves beer.  I am so pumped he offered to pace.  My day was really looking up then I went grocery shopping and they were completely out of Boulevard Nutcracker Ale.  You win some you lose some.

Started my Christmas shopping today got about half way through it all.  Switched gears for the afternoon getting out in the warm 30˚ overcast weather for 22 miles.  Saw a few bikers and one other runner while I was out.  Two miles from being finished I decided to walk for a moment and take some pics of all the geese and deer but my phone died as soon as I snapped one pic.  No music for the last two miles but made it through without my jams.

Half way through my run I snacked on a gingerbread cliff bar.  So freaking delicious or I was starving and 11 miles from my car, either way.  Later this evening Gretchen wanted to make gingerbread men cookies so I bought a mix and we made some.  So not good at all.  Should of bought more cliff bars and cut men out of them.

This evening I got an email saying I had been accepted as a Nuun ambassador for 2015.  Nuun is my sports drink of choice already so this is exciting for me.  It is a 7 calorie electrolyte enhanced drink tabs that dissolve in your water bottle.  No sugar or sugar substitutes and so tasty.  The energy flavors are caffeinated.

Flavors currently in my cabinet. 

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  1. So much excitement! Congrats on the ambassadorship. I'll have to try one of those gingerbread cliff bars.