Getting Pumped

Less than a week out now from the Rocky Racoon 100.  Just making my lists and checking them twice.  I think I have the travel and accomidations in order.  I know my mom is way more concerned about me getting this part right than me.  I have almost everything bought that I think I might need during the race but it's hard to say.  I'm paying more attention to the weather reports in Huntsville than Kansas City now.  It's still calling for rain next Saturday but it's a week away still so I and probably everyone else running the race is hoping that changes.

Was wanting to watch Fight Club to get me pumped for the race.   Fight Club is an inspiratitional running movie, right?  While watching  I wrote a list of quotes to think about while I am running.

At this point I don't think any more running will do me any good.  I'll run maybe up to 10 miles this week before the race but probably really doesn't matter if I run another mile before the race now.  Nothing left to do but channel the confidence of Kanye West and believe that I'll dominate those 100 miles.

What movie gets you pumped for running?

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