New Years Goals Blah Blah

Christmas Day run in shorts!  It's been a little colder since then.  I feel like my running has been a bit all over the place.  Working more hours than usual the last month, good but harder to fit all my miles in then thinking I would have so much time to run last week with 3 days off work but asking someone to watch Gretchen so I could go on a 4+ hour run felt wrong.  Had a couple good runs from my parents house to Warrensburg and back and somehow managed to get up at 5am one day and run a solid 17 miles on the treadmill.

Had a few good runs with a little snow pre Christmas.

Egg Nog makes a great coffee creamer substitute, just saying.

Christmas Present, It is a Running Journal by Lauren Fleshman, a pro runner.  I'm pumped about filling it out and it is full of inspirational running quotes.  Nothing I love more than a good quote.

Getting to it I started my New Year's Day with 13 miles at Wallace State Park in Cameron, MO at a Fat Ass run.  It was a warm 18˚  when we started.  It was put on by this nice couple, they apparently do it every year.  It was a 6 mile loop you could go as many times as you wanted.  I went with a group and we did two loops.  After we went to the couples house where they had soup and lots of cookies all for free.  So nice!   Once I got home I showed, napped then decided to drive out to  WYCO park and finished the day with another 7 with the BAR group so good way to start it all off I think.


2012:  1166.63
2013:  1328.68
2014:  1963  

Calling it a win.  So close to 2000 but not quite.  Way more than last year though.

Last Year's Goals:

3 pull ups in a row  --- Not a total fail I bought a pull up bar and can do a solid one

Run a 50 mile race  --- Nailed it!  Ran 2, won both

New Marathon PR  ---  Fail, didn't even try to run a marathon

Run without injuring myself  --- Nailed it!  Ran lots, no injuries

Only made fitness goals and decided to ignore the rest of my life because I didn't know what to do with that mess.

Fail or not fail I don't know.  It's less of a mess but not where I want it to be.

This Year's Goals:

Run 100 mile race  --- Planning on that happening Jan 31st-Feb 1st.

3 pull ups in a row  --- I feel like getting to 1 pull up was a lot more work than getting to 3 

New marathon PR  --- Already signed up for Rock and Roll DC so unless I injure myself I should be good.

Run more races  ---  I've got a list going of races I'm thinking about, some I don't wanna sign up for till I see how this 100 miler goes 

Blog more  --- You know for all my fans(Hi mom!) haha

Still gonna just ignore the rest of my life, that seems to be working for me. kinda.

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  1. I'm glad you like the journal! We can both marathon PR together in March!