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Generally when I start a new playlist for workout music, I'll keep with it a couple of months then abandon it and start a new one.  However my current one I started at the beginning of August when I signed up for The Hawk 50 miler and have been keeping with it and adding to it ever since.  It is currently over 5 hours long, perfect for those long runs.

It started with all country mostly red dirt and Texas country.  Nothing I used to consider workout music but all perfect for trail running when I was pretty much in a crummy mood everyday.  After running my 50 miler I was still loving my playlist but started adding to it.  Some mainstream country then my favorites from Eminem and Theory of a Deadman made their way back in.

I've started singing during my long runs for entertainment I guess.  I think this makes me a lot more aware of my surroundings thus safer since I'm clearly way more worried about someone hearing me sing than being murdered.  I go from singing about whiskey and exes to being racially profiled to firing at the british to rolling blunts to loving beer and trucks.  I'm sure my singing makes me sound crazy, maybe help keep the real crazies away.

My current top songs to listen to at the gym compared to outside.  I think I'm angrier at the gym.

I added This Land is Your Land after seeing this commercial.  It's a good commercial, I wanna go buy some North Face and run up a mountain.

If this commercial doesn't make you wanna run up a mountain I don't know what will.

Finished the week at 75 miles.  It's all downhill from here till the race on the 31st.  Taper time starts tomorrow.  What to do with all my free non running time?  I don't know, taper is the worst and 3 weeks seems like a long taper but that's what they say to do.

Whats your favorite songs to run to?  I love suggestions!

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  1. That commercial is pretty good. I need to work on my playlists but currently I'm enjoying Taylor Swifts Shake it off and Sam Hunt's House Party gets me going for some reason too.