I Bought a Candle, Who Am I?


I have never been a candle person.  Never understood why people have them.  I mean you have to remember to blow them out and if your house stinks maybe just buy some bleach.  However tonight I was prusing store shelfs and thought I needed one.  I feel calmer already.  

I need a pair of America themed running shoes.

After a month and a half of low mileage, tons of stretching, foam rolling and foot exercises I think the feet are getting better.  My runs have felt fantastic this last week,  I feel like haveing a few days of running in tank top weather really helped my feet.  Most days have been too cool for tank tops but still shorts weather, so much more plesant than last month.   I was about to start thinking about skipping Free State 100k next month or at least dropping to a shorter distance but finally going to have a decent amount of milage this week so just see if my feet hold up I guess.

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