What's Up


Gretchen and I took a little trip.

Had some playground fun and visited some museums.

At the art musum Gretchen pointed out all the nakedness in the painting and sculptures.

She seemed to enjoy the Air and Space musum the best.

She thought we walked too much and prefered to ride on my sholders.

Gretchen at the race expo playing a running game.

And oh ya we visited my sister Courtney and ran the Rock and Roll DC marathon. 

It was her first marathon and she did fantastic!  It rained the whole race so was pretty chilly despite being 45ish out.  I was happy to get the 26 miles in since my mileage has been so low latly but it wasn't the most fun race.  I've been having plantar fasciitis issues and my feet kinda hurt after the first  6 miles so not great.  Finished in 3:58.  After the race I was so cold, getting back to Courtneys place for a hot shower and dry clothes felt like quite the treat.   

I am diganosing and treating myself.  I am stretching and foam rolling tons, doing fun foot exercises, icing my feet and wearing weird socks.  I have also been avoiding running on hard surfaces such as concrete and pavement( except of course for the 26.2 I ran on Saturday.)  I think it's working but hard to tell for sure.  My feet definiatly hurt less but it's not gone.  All very frustrating but hopfully it will go away soon.


  1. Great pictures! Take care of those feet, looking forward to seeing you at the 100k.

  2. That G sure is cute. Love those pictures of her.

  3. Sweet pictures of Gretchen, I like the one you are carrying her. Take care of your feet. MOM