Hating on the Elliptical

Things I Hate

1.  Not Running
2.  Elliptical Machines

Last week a ran a whopping 11 miles total before I decided to admit to myself that I needed to stop running till this pain in my feet goes away.  I last ran 6 days ago and the not running is getting annoying.  So now that the weather is getting nicer I'm spending more time inside the gym instead of outside running.  I've increased my weights routine, more weights, more days.  Said goodbye to carbs and hello to lean protein.  I think I can already see a little more definition in my muscles but I could just be hallucinating from lack of carbs.  I've been putting myself on the elliptical for 30 minutes a day which just seems ridiculous.  The cardio equipment at 24hr Fitness leaves a lot to be desired.  It's old, usually only fixed with band aids and apparently ignored by the cleaning crew.  Nearby gym options are kinda limited and I picked this one based on the weights area.  It's not fancy and can be too crowded but they have a lot of stuff.  I normally only use the treadmills when it's winter and the weather is horrible.  I never use the other cardio equipment until now. 

Part of why I love running is that it makes me feel like a badass.  The elliptical does not make me feel like a badass.  Even if I listen to Eminem the whole 30 minutes I just feel stupid and not worn out.  I know how to make an elliptical workout hard but it's boring and not the same at all.  I need to feel worn out.  Tomorrow I try swimming and then maybe biking again.  

While I have not been running, I have been a little crafty.  I made Gretchen this knit flower dress, she seems to like it.


  1. I don't like the elliptical either, do they have one of those rowing machines? Don't the weights make you feel like a badass? Hopefully your feet are better soon! That last pic of Gretchen is super cute, I'll take a matching dress.

  2. They have 2 crappy rowing machines. Like the chain slacks when you go back to the front, I don't think my form is that bad on them but I can't seem to get a good burn on the ones there like I can on other rowing machines. Weights do feel badass.

  3. Love the dress, Floral is so cute on her.