What to do? What to do?

FreeState 100k is on Saturday and I am not particularly ready for it.  I've been having planter fasciitis issues since the 100 miler at the end of January.  It's definitely gotten a lot better but my feet are not 100%.  Then there is also the part about my mileage being really low while dealing with my foot issues.  Mostly in the low 30's just getting back up to 40 miles last week.  My long runs have all been in the 10-15 mile range with the one marathon 4 weeks ago.  I almost didn't even ask off work for the race but decided at the last minute to take the day off and see how I felt.  I already paid for it months ago.  My options are just not go, go but drop down to the marathon or half marathon distance, start the 100k and see what happens dropping out if I need to.  I think the smart option would be to drop to a shorter distance but my instinct is to start the 100 and see how it goes.  I'm fairly confident I could finish it well with in the allotted time, 16 hours I think, assuming I didn't need to drop out if my feet start bothering me at an unreasonable level.  But my milage has been pretty low so I might be stupid, hard to say.  

Gretchen showing off her foot taping technique for me.

What would you do?  You do, not what would Jesus do unless you have an opinion on what he would do in this situation.

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