No Running but Crafty


Making use of running journal with zero running included.

Tomorrow I will hit 5 weeks of no real running.  My feet definitely feel improved but I can tell the problem is still there.  Went and saw a doctor, she was as helpful as I expected her to be.  Went back into Garry Gribbles Running Store to buy something new to try, and see if there was any employees there who had any good ideas.  After talking with the guy there I bought new inserts and going to try never putting any pressure on my feet without supportive shoes on until my feet heel up.    This means putting my shoes on before I get out of bed and only taking them off if I'm not on my feet.  There has been a few days where I got up at a ridiculously early hour to get to the gym.  On those days I would have my outfit sitting right by my bed so I did put my shoes on before I got up.  I didn't have any morning foot pain on those days so I'm thinking this might work.

I'm sorry but what?

Gretchen got this shirt for doing her mile run in Texas.  Obviously I want her to wear it all the time but she doesn't care to wear anything that is not a dress.  If it's not a dress it must be pink, purple or from the movie frozen otherwise forget it.   I made a few adjustments to the shirt to get her to wear it.    Now it's a dress with a purple skirt and fits Gretchen's wardrobe standards.


  1. I might have to try to make a dress like that! Glad you are still using the journal. I hope your feet get better soon! I accidentally took a month break from running. But now I'm feeling the urge to get back at it.

  2. Such a cute model. I like the dress too because it has a purple skirt. MOM