Rockin Warrior Dash

Sippin on a little choclate lean protien milk pre race.

This past weekend thanks to Rockin' Refuel I took my team of six to the Kansas City Warrior Dash.  While technically I'm off running at the moment(it's been 2 weeks now) we were all signed up and this had to happen.  The Warrior Dash is only 3 miles and you're basically running on squishy mud so I reasnoned it was ok and wouldn't make my injury any worse.  It didn't but also didn't make it better.   

It was not quite an hour drive out to the race site.  Since we only signed up 2 weeks beforehand we had to go for one of the later start times.  I thought this might be alright since it would be warmer in the afternoon.  It was about 60˚ out but no sun and the 2nd obstacle involved jumping into a swimming across a pond of sorts.  After that you are completly wet and covered in mud the rest of the race.  Once you are wet it is cold, I really dislike being cold.  I feel like these type of races would be more fun if the temps were in the 90˚'s but it wasn't.  I did really like that while there was a ton of people there really wasn't any waiting to go through each obstacle.   

Coming out of sewer runoff pond.  It was a little smelly but part of the fun right.

Scariest thing about this obstacle is worring about being stabbed with a lost safty pin.

Soaked in mud and so cold post race.  After knocking back our Rockin' Refuel to help recover from the race we rinsed off in cold hose water showers, threw on dry clothes, grabbed our free beers and were out.  I think there was a tempature drop during the race, so much colder after but we are warriors after all.

Anyone tried Rockin' Refuel or other protien milk drink?  Thoughts?  

Enjoy Warrior Dashes or other obstacle course races?

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