Running Again


Gretchen and I drew a picture of how happy we are running.  Everything is flowers and butterflies.

I think I know why you're having foot pain Kristen, your running form looks terrible.

I went 7 weeks of basically no running, when I did run after I'd be "nope shouldn't have done that."  Four weeks in  I saw a doctor.  She gave me  prescription strength ibuprofen and said ya don't run.  Clearly not acceptable.  So on week 7 I went and saw a chiropractor that another runner recommended.  Then like magic my feet started feeling better.  Like f***ing magic!  My first visit was a week ago.  Over the next few days my foot pain while not gone was greatly reduced while on my feet all day waiting tables and I ran 3 days spacing them out.  The pain and tightness I felt after running was way more tolerable.  My 2nd visit was 2 days ago.  Then yesterday I ran 5 miles then after zero pain in my right foot, ZERO.  Still felt it in my left foot but not horrible.  

I put off seeing a chiropractor since my insurance doesn't cover it and despite several people telling me to see one I didn't think it would help.  I saw Dr. Cotter at Active Health Solutions: Chiropractic and Rehab.  I picked him because he was recommended by another runner and a bit cheaper than another guy that was recommended to me.  He dropped the fee for the initial consultation for being a Tail Nerd so that was cool.  Now paying per visit which is totally worth it since it seems to be working.    He basically just rubs this piece of hard plastic into my foot so hard I want to cry then a few adjustment things at my ankle joints, hips and lower back. Magic!



  1. It's Science! Not magic! ;) glad your feet are feeling better. Looks like you are doing a step class in that picture.

  2. love the picture. Glad you are running again. Is Gretchen running too? MOM