Sisters Trip to Eureka Springs Arkansas


With us all turning into grownups and stuff my sisters and I decided we should take a trip together and it basically came down to us only being able to agree on these past 3 days at the end of June here to make it happen this summer.  So Courtney flew in early Friday morning.  Gretchen and I picked her up from MCI then made our way to Warrensburg for Beth.  Since she has the nicer car we let her take over the driving duties for the 3ish hour trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  We stayed at Matterhorn Towers.  Gretchen said it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen but she is 4. 

Eureka Springs is a super cute, super hilly town with quirky streets lots of art and shopping.  Fun place for just hanging out and doing some people watching.  With Gretchen in tow we didn't do a lot of shopping which was fine with me.   I mostly wanted to avoid the shops with lots of breakables.

Gretchen and Courtney enjoying the spread that Joyce put out for breakfast.  A continental complementary breakfast  had a nice assortment of fresh fruit some pastries, cheese and salami.  The only downfall was no half and half only powdered creamer.  I need real cream with my coffee.

After a stop at Mcdonnalds for coffee we headed over to Withrow Springs State Park for some hiking.  We covered the War Eagle Trail and Dogwood Trail for about a 3 mile hike.  Gretchen held up pretty well, only a short stint of on my back style travel towards the end of the hike.  The War Eagle Trial was listed as difficult, not something I would think most people would be comfortable taking a 4 year old on.  I thought she did well on it and the only other hikers we saw had kids Gretchen's age or younger so if you're the outdoorsy type you'd probably be fine with the kids.

The bat cave was closed, good thing cause it looked a little scary.

Top of a cliff.

Pitstop at Sonic for diet cherry lime aids.  I must do for Courtney every time she makes it back to the mid west.

On the way back to town we made a stop at Quigley's Castle,  the billboards along the route made it seem like a must see!  It was not so much castle as a rock house and grotto type garden but interesting nonetheless.

I tried to convince the group that we should get matching tats.  Gretchen was the only one on board with the idea.  Guess I know what we are doing for her 18th birthday.

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