Ya Let's Stab My Feet With Needles, That Sounds Fun

The needles were not that big and there wasn't blood squirting out.  This is just a picture of what it felt like.

Apparently I'm willing to do just about anything to get rid of the pain in my feet and back to running again.  Last week I decided to give dry needling a try.  I mean if it's supposed to work even better than just the foot rubbing thing why am I not doing it?  Well, it hurts and the thought of it really grosses me out.  He stabs 2 needles into each foot then swishes my muscles around with them, or something like that.  It does seem to be improving things even more than before though.  Overall my feet feel better especially at work where I'm on my feet all day.  I ran 4 days in the past week.  A 2 miler, 3miler, 4.5 miler and 2 miler.   The 4.5 was outside the rest was on the treadmill.  All the runs felt great while in them but after the 4.5er I had to go straight to work and it wasn't a good day for my feet.  They did feel better the next day so much so that I ran a 2 miler and felt fine after.  This is kinda the same pattern for the past 3 weeks.  The 2-3milers don't bother my feet but the longer distances do.  All of the 2-3 milers have been on the treadmill and the longer ones were outside.  It's easier to limit myself on the treadmill than outside.

Things seem to be improving overall but so so slowly that it is so so frustrating.  A month ago it hurt to even start running and my feet bothered me at work everyday so this is better. 11.5 miles of running in a week is better than 0 but it's so far from where I want to be.  I have another appointment today to have needles stabbed into my feet and I'm mostly dreading it.  Ugh. 

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