Freedom Fest 5k with the Kid


Gretchen really seemed to enjoy that mile race she did back in January so I was wanting to try another race with her.  Since there isnt much around shorter than a 5k I figured we'd give it a go.  We were out at my parents the day before so just stayed over for the Freedom Fest 5k in Warrensburg, MO.  It is small event, just the kind I like, no crowds or parking issues.

Someone woke up in a grumpy mood clearly needing more sleep so my expectations were pretty low.  She started out good of course but once most of the participates were ahead she started losing intrest quick.  My dad stayed with us on the course so we chit chatted then at about the mile mark I offered to let her ride on my back then on my dad's back then back to my back.  We were able to make up a bit of time this way.  She walk/ran some then once we topped the last hill she was all about running it in to the finish.  

Got her medal and we can only improve from here I think.

My sister pointed out the race results to me.  Can't have this time tarnishing my race times. HaHa.

Enjoying some much deserved freedom cookies at Old Drum after the race.

Looking like the badass kid she is walking off after.


  1. That is awesome. Gretchen is going to be a runner.

  2. that was a fun morning. yea Gretchen. MOM

  3. Way to go Gretchen and Weiganci!