Gretchen Got A Cat Or We Got A Cat


You have a kid she really wants a pet.  What do you do?  Dogs are really out for us since I don't think we are home enough and fish are no fun so I caved and let her have a cat.
I was extremely resistant on the get a cat front mostly because you know what they say about women and cats.   I don't want to become  a crazy cat lady.  At first it's just one cat then next thing you know there is too many to count.  Suddenly all your t-shirts have pictures of cats on them, your pants are covered in cat hair and you spend your nights pinning funny cat memes while eating ice cream out of a carton.  I'm really hoping that's not how it all goes down.

Gretchen named her Sparkle Glitter Fab.  We have had her about two months now and it all seems to be going well.

Gretchen made the cat a jacket.