Running the Mile You Are In


It was my birthday it was also a Monday so I didn't ask off work.  I like to save my ask offs for Saturdays and I might be too old to be asking off work for my birthday.  The only thing I was really wanting to do on my birthday was run and since my feet might not love double digit miles I figured I'd have time for both.  I managed to get out of work early enough for some outside run time before child pick up time.  It might have been a cool 97˚ out.  Their might have been an excessive heat warning, whatever.*  I'm fairly certain I like heat more than the average person.  Even if it's muggy heat, I still like it.  
I went for 4 miles on the Little blue.  4 hot slow sweaty miles.  Birthday present to self: getting full sweat on.  I stopped and dipped my head in the Little Blue River.  Might be gross but felt good.

Afterwards still sweating it out in the Sonic drive thru line.  2nd birthday present to self: route 44 diet cherry limeade.  I don't drink soda otherwise but these are so cold and refreshing  with their tiny ice cubes and limy goodness.

*Excessive heat warnings really shouldn't be taken lightly and could be dangerous. I'm kinda experienced and do well in heat.  I ran slow and carried Nuun enhanced water.  Be smart.

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