Blogging It Up

Two weeks ago I attended a meetup with The Blog Guild of Kansas City.  It was a fancy meetup at the Kendra Scott store on the Plaza.  I had never heard of Kendra Scott but I think pretty much everyone else loves the Jewelry store.  It was pretty though I'd rather have a sparkly pair of running shoes.  As soon as she starts decorating trail shoes I'm all over it.  I do however love free fancy food and drinks especially the sparkly macaroons from Natasha's Mulberry & Mott.

They had a braid bar from the ladies at Parlor.  Free braid, yes please.  Cool braids are on my list of things I need to learn how to do.  Gretchen loves them, they are prettier and more practical for running than your basic ponytail.  Ponytails get crazy knots in them that can take forever to comb out.

Took one selfie with Elizabeth of Blubaugh Blueprints.  She bought herself a little Kendra Scott necklace.

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