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My feet seem to be steadily improving over the past month and a half.  I'm pretty thrilled that my feet are getting their act together.  I'm up to 20 miles a week, last week hitting 21.  I spent the weekend in Lake of the Ozarks where my running options were hills or hills.  I went with the hills. I ran 5 miles and it seemed surprising easy.  I think my months of weight lifting while I couldn't run are paying off.
Right after my run I replenished my fluids with a bloody mary and spent the rest of the day rehydrating in a similar fashion while resting on a boat.  Rest is important.
I'm messing around with a new blog host and design for fun.  It's not all together yet.

Some stuff to check out:

My sister Courtney started a new blog Make, Take and Gait.  She started with a cool t-shirt print idea.  Check it out.
My neighbor, Cindy Newland, who's yoga classes I like to get stretched out in just wrote a book.  Small Bites.  It's her weight loss story and a guide to healthy weight loss with dropping the idea of dieting and making healthy lifestyle changes instead.  If you live in Independence you can check out her yoga classes at the Sermon Center.
A friend Jessica Burg wrote an article on her blog about running naked.  For me it mostly depends on where I'm running, how far and if I'm by myself or not.  I like it both ways.

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