East Bottoms Bazaar

Friday night Gretchen and I ventured out to the east bottoms of Kansas City.  To check out a new store Urban Provisions and the Street Bazaar that was being thrown there. On the way over I was thinking this is such not a good area of KC but like a lot of KC one street is not good and a block over it's relatively fine.   It was a rainy night but only sprinkles half the time and most everything was either in a building or under a bridge so it worked out well.  Urban Provisions was a super neat store of well made handcrafted items mostly from the KC area.  In an old building across the street there was other local vendors, free craft cocktails and boulevard beer. Gretchen loved her blue raspberry shaved ice from Sweet Caroline's, she said it was better than the one she had at the Royals game a couple of weeks ago.  We both liked the photo bus.  I only look weird in one of the pictures. It was such a neat well put together event.  It was nice to have something that while for adults you could bring a kid to and both have fun.  That can be hard to do, shaved ice makes it easier.

Gretchen's favorite part was the puddles.  She decided to wear her black rubber boots since it was raining then spent a good amount of time splashing through the puddles. Know any good grownup events or places in KC that kids won't hate?

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