Trailing Out: Little Blue Trace Trail

New goal:  Run all the trails in the Kansas City area and know them well as in don't spend the 2nd half of a run wondering where I'm at.  This may take a while.   I'm mostly talking about running all the mountain bike and hiking wooded trails but I'll start with the one I run most.  Little Blue Trace, can not get lost running it. It is super flat crushed rock trail 14 miles running along Little Blue Trace River.  I'm not really into running the streets by my house too much, cars are super annoying so this is my best alternative.  It is less than a 15 minute drive from my house and has enough mileage that you are not having to run circles or anything.  It doesn't get closed due to wet weather like other trails need to be.  It's like my outdoor treadmill.  The trail path is wide, no traffic, can listen to my headphones and know the mile markers by heart.  Since time to run is usually an issue it works for getting all the miles in.

I  have run the entirety of the trail a ton of times but never all at once.  That would be a 28 mile run from my parked car and back.  I think the most mileage I've done on it at one time is 22.  Depending on when you are on it there is a decent amount of foot and bike traffic on the southern end but never feels like too much.  Then there are times when the weather is less than ideal and I'll see maybe a biker or two and no one else. A nice trail to just zone out on and get the miles in.

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