Tried The Bar Method


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take a free class at the bar method in the west Plaza area of Kansas City.  I had wanted to try out a class since I read about all the cool kids doing it.  Bar method uses a bar (duh) attached to the wall, light weights, and floor work.  Using these you do small movements like a zillion times.  It is kinda like Pilates.  It's like normally I would do a bicep curl with a 20lb. dumbbell 3X8 but in this class they give you a 2lb dumbbell and have you do a 100. It is all non impact and lots of stretching.  It is supposed to give you long lean muscles.  No doubt your muscle will burn after doing a tiny movement over and over and over again but the workout does seem kinda girly.  I personally am more into workouts that make me feel like I could beat someone up but that's me.  All the instructors I saw there had extremely firm looking backsides so if bar is all they are doing  it's working. The instructor was very helpful in making sure everyone in the class was performing each move correctly and did a great job of remembering everyone's name.  I didn't ever think "I'm I doing this right?"  She would let you know and paid extra attention to the first timers to the class.

Hanging out in the locker room.  It's a little nicer and cleaner than 24hr or a lot nicer.

I asked Gretchen to draw a picture of me taking a bar class.  It's fairly accurate.

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