Jacomotose Trail Run

 Saturday I went out to the Jacomotose trail run,  It was the first time for this race which offered a 3, 5, and 10 mile option.  I opted for the 10 cause that's what I do.  I really wanted to do this race since I don't think the trails on the Missouri side get as much runner love as the Kansas side trails do. I didn't even sign up until the Sunday before.  Since originally I thought I had been asking a lot of Saturdays off work and shouldn't but as it turns out I now get most Saturdays off which is super sweet.  Then I decided to bruise my ribs one week prior but by late Sunday night I decided that they were feeling a bit better and would be fine by race day.  I was pretty much right, only a little sore by race time. It was perfect race weather that morning calm and cool.  I wore a short sleeve shirt to the race.  I was cold so I changed into a long sleeve shirt right before it started then spent the whole race wishing I would have wore a tank top.  I always make poor clothing choices whenever the seasons are changing. There was a nice sized crowd for it being the first time for this race.  Not too big not too small and I knew several people participating that day.  They went over the course, we gathered behind the start line and were off.  This was the 1st race I've really been in since Washington DC Rock and Roll back in March so I was a bit nervous that I was taking off too fast during the first 1.7 miles of the race that was cross country but once we got to the single track I was feeling good about it. The terrain was pretty varied with us starting out all cross-country in the grass then single track then it got rocky.  They weren't big rocks you had to climb just hard to run on and you had to watch your footing.  There were a few steep up and down small hills were I may have grabbed onto a skinny tree or two so I could stay off my butt.  Once you come out of the woods you have a halfish mile left on the road and grass to the half way point, took a quick drink of whatever their sports drink was and went out for the second loop.  I got to run to the second loop with this guy and his dog.  I think it helped me keep it on having them running right behind me and a little bit of conversation was nice.  Once you get through the cross-country part of the course it all goes by so fast.  Other than getting a huge side stitch that I was mostly able to ignore during the last mile of the race it all went great.

No I usually don't smile while I'm running and I do pump my arms up way to much.[/caption] There was some confusion with the race results that day with people dropping from the 10miler to the 5miler but as it turns out I was 1st female.  It's exciting because I win shoes, basically the same thing as money.  Oh and I like winning.
10 Miler Kristen Weigand 444 09:56 01:39:22,86 01:39:27,05 9 1
I'm excited to get back out to the Lake Jacomo trails now and check the rest of the trails out.  I'm told there is a lot I didn't see.

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