More Non Running Fun


Saturday was perfect trail running weather here in the Mid West and from what I hear the Rockbridge Revenge trail race was a lovely run on a pretty course but since I can't seem to stop injuring myself I didn't go.  My non expert opinion is that I bruised my ribs last Sunday at the gym.  I was doing a chest press and then I don't know exactly what I did but right after I did it thought that felt weird.  I went on with my routine even though it felt a little sore then ran 5 miles, all good.  Woke up the next morning and my back felt kinda tight around the right shoulder but not too bad until I tried to run Tuesday afternoon.  Pain in the back as soon as I start to run.  I think oh give it a minute and it will improve.  A couple of minutes later I'm all why am I being stabbed in the back with every step?  I drop to a walk.  Wait two days and try again. Still being stabbed in the back.  The thing is it hardly bothers me with all my everyday tasks so I think I'm fine so I try to run then it's all No not so much. Someone tried to tell me it takes 8-10 weeks for ribs to heal.  Didn't like that answer too much.  I did my own online medical research and I think the time line is much shorter for ribs that are just bruised and I'm planning on feeling better in the morning. Probably won't work out that way but gonna keep planning that way till it does. In the mean time we knocked a few Fall activities off the list.  We hit up a corn maze that was a bit above our ability level but we did make it out.  Gretchen saw a candy apple in their store she wanted so I said we would make some instead.  Like most 4 year olds Gretchen loves delayed gratification and threw a fit but was pretty excited when we made them the next day.

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