3 Real Life Reasons to Strength Train


Improve your strength.    Your life will be easier.  Opening jars, picking up kids, carrying all bags of groceries into the house at once, walking up stairs, the stronger you are the easier all everyday tasks will be.  Lifting weights can also increase or maintain bone and connective tissue strength making you way less prone to injury.  A broken bone will not make your life easier. Improve your mood.  It decreases your stress level and boosts your mood.  Lifting  releases endorphins the happy chemical in the brain. Improve your looks.  Superficial maybe but muscles are hot.  Beyond that muscles burn more calories than fat.  Assuming you don't start consuming more calories lifting can help you lose lb.s.  By creating more muscle though strength training you will rev up your metabolism. All you have to do is put in the time.  Put in the work at least 2 x's a week and you'll most likely start noticing some results in a few weeks.  Just have to put in the work. If you are in the Independence, MO area full body strength classes start this Tuesday at 7:15.  Only $3 per class and you don't need to be a member to attend.

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