Adventures in Bar Making: Royals Balls

I keep showing up to runs and workouts realizing I had forgotten to really eat beforehand then I'm completely starving by the end of it.  I've made many emergency calls to Papa John because of this. I need a stash of bars in my bag to stop this ridiculousness.  I've tried out different recipes in the past for energy and protein bars some fantastic some not so much. I figured I'd try I few new ones out.  This is from an article in the KC Star.  The Royals team nutritionist says she made them a lot for the team and Eric Hosmer loved them.  If they are good enough for Eric they must be alright.  It is kind of a basic recipe, I've made similar bars before.  These are balls but balls, bars whatever.  I think I might eat more in ball form. Gretchen said they were so good and that she wanted to eat them all.  They are a little lower in protein than I would like(I did throw in a second scoop of protein powder) and super sweet.  The sweet part is probably why Gretchen thought they were amazing. Article and recipe here: Royals team nutritionist shares recipe for protein energy balls, a Hosmer favorite

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