Checking Out the Trails: Knob Noster State Park

I knew I'd be out at my parents Thanksgiving morning so I made plans with myself to check out a trail at Knob Noster State Park not to far from their house.  I had planned on checking out The Opossum Hollow trail but the gate to drive back to the trail head was locked.  Not sure why according to what I found online it should have been open however the gate across the highway was open so I drove in to see what was back there.  It accessed the McAdoo trail system.  I parked at the trail head and looked around.  I passed one parked car on the drive in but saw no one or any other vehicles while I was there. The trail was really nice and super run-able.  I think when looking online to decide which trail to run I wanted to avoid this one since horses were allowed on it.  This trail was not all rutted out and you were not constantly having to jump over piles of horse poop like the horse trails I'm more familiar with.  It was a bit hilly in a good way with a few small water crossings I could easily jump across. Starting at the trail head I ran the yellow loop twice.  The loop is super well marked with yellow plastic blazes on the trees and other than 2 connector trails inside the loop, really no way to get off the trail and lost.  My watch was measuring 4.75miles for the big loop but it always measures short on trails so I'm calling it 5 miles.  I wanted to do a third loop but thought I'd be cutting it a little close on dinner time so my third time out I took the 1st connector trail.  It was around a mile long. I added a bit more at the end to give myself 12 miles for my Thanksgiving Day run. [gallery ids="851,850,849,848" type="square" columns="1"] I would say I can't believe that I lived near here the first 20 years of my life and never checked out these trails.  However I was 23 before I started running and not hating nature.  Looking forward to checking out the other park trails soon.

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