How To Be Ready To Run At All Times

My gym bag is always stuffed full of accessories for all exercise situations one might encounter.  I had all my normal gym stuff but then added for running outside and on a trail and in the dark.  It was getting ridiculous and super stinky if we are being honest. I know a lot of other runners have their box of gear in the trunk so with it being trail running preparedness week* I thought I should get my gear together.  I am now ready to run at all times, no matter where I'm at, well assuming I have my car with me.

Spare pair of trail and road shoes, all weather clothing needs of running clothes I don't really like but fit so I can run in them,  stocking cap, 2 pairs of gloves incase I make a friend, hot hands, Chapstick, soap, lotion, wet wipes, hair ties, Off!, spare flashlight, spare headlamps, batteries, aleve, spare water bottle, honey stinger chews, salt caps, Nuun, and Granola Bars* After I packed up I added toilet paper, trash bags, a towel and spare body glide.

I think I'm all kinds of prepared now and box doubles as a roadside emergency kit. *It really isn't trail running preparedness week.  I just made that up, as far as I know there isn't such a week. *Fake box of granola bars.  I only have homemade bars in the house right now and think I should get some store bought ones for the box.  Since they are full of preservatives and will last longer.

What did I forget?

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