2015: The Goals Revisited

I love making New Years Goals(not resolutions), I find it really motivating. As this is the last day of 2015 I figured I'd take a look back and see how I fared from what I wrote out a year ago.

Run 100 mile race: Nailed it!  Finished the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler in 23:25:03. Had to walk more than I would have liked towards the end of the race but for my first 100 it went great! 3 pull ups in a row:  Ahh I'm up to 2 on a good day, 1 more than last year.  I think I'm strong enough for this I just haven't focused on it much. New marathon PR:  Nope.  Totally injured myself before the race and ran it anyway.  It was kinda painful and slow.  Only marathon I ran this past year and not a distance I'm focused on at the moment. Run More Races:  Nope.  I ran 3 races this year, 4 if we count the 4th of July 5k with Gretchen.  Foot issues plagued me for most of the year but completing the 100 miler was totally worth it! Blog more:  I don't know, probably but I'm not gonna look since it is not a significant amount more.  Plan on working on that. Ignoring the rest of my life and not goaling it out:  Kinda worked, made some mistakes but feeling like I'm better off at the end than of the year than the beginning so there's that. Still calling it a success for the year.  I make my own rules.  Ran and rocked a 100 miles.  Yes, training and running for a 100 miles contributed to me having a 6ish month long injury but I recovered and became very acquainted with the free weights at the gym while I couldn't run.  I think this will make me more injury proof in the future plus muscles are awesome!

Anyone else look back at their 2015 goals?  Want to share?

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