2016 Goals

I realize it's like the 5th day of the year already but I've had these goals running around in my head for a few weeks or longer.  That said you make goals happen by writing them down, visualizing them and telling people you are going to do this s**t!

Run a hard ultra- All ultras are hard for sure but once you have done one it doesn't seem quite so hard.  This year I'm taking it up a notch and picked out a mountain race, Never Summer 100k in Colorado.  Running up and down some mountains, it will be epic.  After signing up it took almost no persuading to get a friend to sign up(training partner) and I think I have my sister (Courtney) persuaded to come out so it'll be fantastic. Pull Ups or Else- I can do 2 in a row but it takes effort.  I wanna be able to just walk up, grab the bar and bang a bunch out. Be a Badass- Yes I think I already am but you can always be more.  The first two goals will clearly add to this goal. Write or give positive reviews- I work as a waitress so I'm all to familiar with reviews.  Do you know when people like to give reviews or talk to managers?  When they are mad about something.  Usually something completely ridiculous.  Do you know who likes to write reviews or talk to managers?  People who get worked up over every little thing in life and it is always someone else's fault.  Going to try and counterbalance this and increase my good karma. Reusable bags- I used to be good at this but I've gotten lazy.  The bigger theme here is buy less and waste less.  

Goals you'd like to share?  I love goals!


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