So You're Going To Do A Mountain Race

My experience with mountains:  Went to Peru once, hiked up a mountain with my sisters.  This is the worst picture of me on the side of a rock on a mountain not knowing what to do with myself.  Then there was this one time I went to Colorado for a weekend and rode a mountain bike down a mountain successfully.  Another time Gretchen and I were at a race expo where there was a fake volcano mountain that she ran a toy runner up.  I'm sure these events totally have me prepared for Never Summer 100k this coming July.  However since I live in the mountain less Midwest I'm coming up with a few strategies for rocking this race.

Training Goals for Mountain Race

-Upping my running to about 50-65 miles a week ( doing 40ish miles a week now)

  -Lots of heavy weights

-lots of trail time with extra hill time

-the stairs at Liberty Memorial

-lots of step ups
 Any other ideas?

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