Why I Still Hate Winter

I actually do love running in the winter once I get all bundled up and out in it.[/caption] I'm sorry but I still hate winter.  It is just such a pain in the glutes.  It requires a level of preparedness that I do not care for and it's just so darn cold. Now lets say that my life was all about me and doing everything on my time. In this scenario I think I would have a much better appreciation for winter.  I wake up when I feel fully rested and drink coffee doing random activities in the house till the warmest part of the day and then head outside for my run.  However like most people I pretty much have to follow the schedules given to me so 5:30 in the morning is just the worst and I don't get to coordinate my running schedule with the weather. A couple of years ago I wrote about things I hate. I think they all had to do with winter.  It's a fact that winter is depressing.

Reasons I hate winter:

- I'm cold like all the time unless I'm exercising or at work(which is almost all of my waking hours but still) -Laundry, I dislike washing clothes almost as much as I dislike washing dishes. In the summer shorts, sports bra and tank can carry you though your workouts and errands for the day. In the winter you need a gym outfit, a run outside outfit with layers, clothes for after each workout and full sweats when you get home. It's too much, if I work I have a solid 6 outfits in one day and that's just for myself. -Static electricity, I use dryer sheets, I lotion up but it still happens and I dislike. -Short days, It gets dark too early, I need more time to get my run in after work. -The one nice Sunny day, it always happens when you have no free time to run outside. -Not enough Sun, It's a proven fact that the short gloomy cold cloud covered days are depressing. -It's dirty. Normally I'm all for dirty things but in the winter I'm constantly tracking in snow and mud covered shoes leaving the floor a mess. I like to mop the floor a solid never so being forced to clean up shoes tracks is a bummer. -treadmills.  Sure I can deal with treadmill runs and I even enjoy them sometimes but when  you have to put all your weekly miles on it, ugh it gets old.   Good news: January is almost over and I hear there are warm  temps this weekend.  I'll be at work but still.

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