10 Ways to Rock Winter Running

Here in Missouri the end of January and into February is usually the worst weather wise.  At the beginning of winter a few cold days are fun and novel but at this point it is like just let this be over with. I want Spring!  Yet spring still feels a ways off when you are cold all the time.  Until spring hits you just have to deal and rock out your winter running.

Rock Winter Running

  1. Layers and more layers. I like bra, long sleeve shirt, thin running coat on top.  tights, socks, leg warmers on bottom.  Plus stocking cap and 1-2 pairs of gloves.  If I need more than this I usually say forget it and go find a treadmill.
  2. Wear technical fabrics made for outside workouts.  No cotton, you'll get all sweaty then oh so cold.
  3. Hothands.  The little one use heat packs are probably an environmental waste but man can they raise your body temp on a cold day outside.
  4. Make plans to meet up with someone for a run when your warm and toasty inside.  It'll seem like a good idea, then you'll have to run since you told them you would.
  5. If you're lucky enough to have free time during the one day of the week it's actually not bad out, go run!  Don't wait till tomorrow when it's cold and windy out again.
  6. After having to pile on layers and peel off sweaty layers for days to get out in cold weather running on the treadmill in shorts and a tank can feel pretty nice. For real!!
  7. If you're fairly new to running in the cold keep it short and stay fairly close to your inside point.  It's a good way to give your layers a test drive, not freeze too much and then you'll hopefully want to come back out for more.
  8. Unless you are running from your house you will probably want an extra coat or a change of clothes for after.  Being in sweaty clothes in the cold is the worst.  I freeze going into the dairy section of the grocery store after a run if I don't change first.
  9. If running in an area safe for headphones put on some jams.  Music will make it all better, at least kinda better.
  10. Hydrate!  You forget when it's cold out but you need it non the less.

How do you like to make running work in winter?

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