Getting the Workouts Right

January Blew, planning on getting it right the rest of the year but planning for the future isn't really my thing.  I try but I'm clearly bad at it.  I'm currently patiently waiting for my vehicle to be fixed that I've now spent too much money.  In the mean time luckily my dad is letting me borrow his old truck. Not having transportation can really mess up ones tight schedule.   Bonus:  Truck came with a Tommy Cash tape stuck in the deck.  If you like I can now sing you Six White Horses or my personal favorite Rise and Shine. The one thing I have been getting mostly right is my workouts.  I currently have one full day off work a week and I like to use that day for my long run but my vehicle issues have had me missing my run day.  Not cool but finding ways to get it all in including lots of treadmill time. -Mileage between 38-40 miles for 3 weeks and one week dipped down to 29 miles. Happy with this.  Good base mileage will just be easier to get more in once I get my car back, resolving my transportation issues.  Then daylight savings and better weather are not far off. -Switched up my weights routine at the end of December. Partly because I was wanting more definition in my upper body and added extra leg stuff to get crazy prepped for mountain racing.  Already noticing significant improvements. -Focusing on quality workouts over quantity, hopefully avoiding any and all injuries. So far not injured, so success! -Working on the pull ups. Improving for sure.  Can do 3 in a row most of the time.  They aren't pretty yet but I can do them.  Working on more and making them pretty.  Shout out to my friend Colleen for texting me pull up reminders to keep me on it, Thanks!
While this January has not been my favorite start to a new year it's no reason to have it mess up my fitness goals.  It's too easy to make excuses.  Dishes will always need to be washed, laundry cleaned, house cleaned, it'll get done at some point.  Watching TV is not necessary  and if you're too tired to workout you should probably just go to bed.

Don't let life get in the way of your workout

  1.  Workout when you have time with whatever time you have wherever you are at.   Somedays it is ideal, unlimited miles on a trail and back/biceps in the gym.  Other days it is 3 miles on the shifty basement treadmill and shoulders with the light weights at the house.  It is usually something in-between but whatever you do it anyway.
  2. No "you are to tired to workout."  You probably are tired but a workout is better than caffeine to wake your body up.
  3. Sometimes workouts have to be split up, weights before work, running after.  Doesn't matter.
  4. Dishes and laundry can wait.  Those TV shows don't have to be watched.
  5. Don't make excuses.

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