I Heart Running, All the reasons I Love Running

Valentine's Day has always been one of my least favorite made up holidays.  Mostly because I never got any heart-shaped crap from boys and made up holidays are in fact stupid. There is something I do love though, running!  "What?  You love running Kristen?  I never would have guessed since you won't shut up about it, ever." I started running when I was 23 but was more just something I did to try to stay fit and healthier than I was being.  It wasn't till I was 32 and getting a divorce that I decided to jump all in with running.  I needed something, running was it.  Four years later and it's the best relationship I've ever been in. I love running straight up just for the feeling of flying across trails, streets even treadmills.  It keeps my body and mind fit.  Running takes me on adventures and lets me explore nature in ways I wouldn't otherwise.  Food tastes better and beer is more refreshing.  I've met such awesome and interesting people who I never would have gotten to know otherwise.  I sleep better.  It keeps me calm.    Even when it has caused me pain and injury I still loved it.  I'm all in with running.  But If we do ever have to break up it'll be all right because I've also got a thing for weights.

What exercise do you love, why?

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