Love To Lift Workout Tanks


In 2015 I had to take a lot of time off from running to deal with injury so I needed something to replace it.  Other cardio options weren't really keeping my attention but I didn't mind spending a lot more time in the weights area of the gym.  The more time I spent lifting weights the more I enjoyed it.  You can start to see results pretty fast when you start or seriously up your strength game.  I'm back to running but haven't wanted to give up the lifting.  I love both.  They compliment each other well to give me a more well-rounded fitness regime.  Keeping me in the best shape and more injury proof.  Giving me more power and less fatigue when powering through ultra races. Decided to put my sewing skills to use to design and stitch up a couple of lifting tanks.  I can't have sleeves getting in the way of a good arm workout, HaHa.  For the second top I made a matching dress for Gretchen.  She likes to lift in a dress.  Gretchen is all dresses all the time.  These tops I made out of a stretch cotton,  going to find some performance fabrics to stitch them up in next.

I put together an Arms workout to go with my workout tank, just add dumbbells!

To do this workout you will need dumbbells. In/Out Push up- Start arms directly below shoulders, do a push up.  Walk your arms out wide, do a push up. Tricep kickback- Bend over at hip keeping back flat with upper arms glued to sides of chest.  Kickback lower arm from elbow.

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