Opossum Hollow Trail Run Out at Knob Noster State Park


I had first checked out Mcadoo Trail at Knob Noster State Park while out at my parents for Thanksgiving and loved it.  Back at my parents for Christmas I went back over to check out the Opossum Hollow Trail.  It was 60ish degrees out and sunny at the end of December so I had to take advantage. After turning off the highway it's a short drive back to the trailhead.  I random girl who was clearly not there to enjoy the trail drove back at the same time I did.  As I was getting my shoes changed she was smoking a cigarette and pretending to work on her car.  Very sketchy so I said hi in a could you not break into my car while I'm out running kind of way.  Just random.

The trails are well-marked with signage and a map at the start.  Also a sign indicating the openness of the trail, you can also check on their Facebook page before you head out.  As far as I've noticed though they are pretty much always open to people on foot.  The trail is really easy to follow, other than the one connector trail really only one way to go.  It is also marked all along with red blazes(red pieces of plastic nailed to trees.)

I spent my time running 3 loops of the 5.5 mile trail stopping at my car after each loop to refuel.  The weirdo girl was gone by the time I got back from my first loop.  I didn't see anyone out on the trail while I was there but did see one vehicle that looked like another trail runner's ride when I came back.  The trail was decently smooth, really runable and had some decent hills that was a little unexpected.  Towards the end of the loop there is a little lake or big pond,  always nice to see a little water action on a trail.

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