Transportation and Getting the Workouts In

OMG so glad to have my transportation situation back to normal.  I don't know how people without a car do it in the Kansas City area.  I have too many places I think I need to be.  My car is basically a 2nd house.  I keep multiple outfit changes in the car to go from teaching a class to waitressing to running (trail and road options.)  Occasionally to go out but you know not really since I don't really ever go anywhere fancy.  Then I use it as my dressing room and dinning hall as well. Nothing is super close together in KC.  You have to drive everywhere, public transportation is a really not great option in the KC area.  Technically I could run everywhere but running KC's east side doesn't seem like a safe option.  Plus Gretchen prefers a ride. Lucky for us my dad let us borrow his farm truck to get around in till my car was fixed.  Also lucky that I was taught to drive a stick shift, it has come in handy so many times. While I wouldn't say I had to miss any workouts completely (Minus my run the day I wreaked the Jeep, still irritated about it.)  I did have to cut some workouts short due to dealing with the vehicle situation.  Normally I take the screw that I'm going to go run way out of most situations but when you have to rely on help/rides from other people it doesn't work.  Sometimes you make up a workout at home with the old treadmill and light weights.  Sometimes you just call Papa John's and forget it (hopefully not often.)

The Jeep looks good as new and I'm moving all my stuff back in so I'm prepared for whatever workout come up.  Found a new use for the kept your floor clean paper.

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