10 things I'm excited for this Spring

We are 2 weeks out from the calendar start of spring and I am so excited.  No this was definitely not the worst of midwest winters but when you are having to run out the door at 6:20 in the morning with your still half asleep child to start your day, the chilly temps are no fun.  I'm just a warm weather gal.  50's and 60's are ideal for running but I do fine at higher temps.  I do fine running at lower temps too but don't love it. I'm excited for winter to be over and getting Spring into action!

This Spring I'm pumped about:

  • Long run Wednesday
  • Planting raspberry bushes
  • April fun races
  • Warmer temps
  • The sun going down later
  • Shorts running all the time
  • Healthier Eating
  • The Trails getting their green on
  • Exploring  fun spots in Kansas City with Gretchen
  • Flowers
Long Run Wednesday- I'm just calling it that since it's the one day a week that I'm mostly off from work and with Gretchen in school you can figure out what I hope to do with my Wednesdays. Planting raspberry bushes- We had a successful raspberry bush then a sewer line had to be replaced it was destroyed.  This was a year and a half ago, Gretchen is still upset about it.  Then maybe trying a small garden as well.  Gretchen wants to but I know how good I am about keeping up on weeds and yard work.

April fun Races- I'm excited about doing a lot more running this year in general but in April I'm signed up for the Brew to Brew relay race with team Run816 and I'm planning on the 4miler Trolly Run that has a lot of fun fare added to the event along with a kids dash after. Warmer temps- Warmer weather just puts me in a better mood. The Sun going down later- More time for running and outside fun! Shorts running all the time- I have a strong preference for as few layers as possible. Healthier Eating-The warmer it is and the less clothes needed just equals a better diet without even having to try. Trails getting their green on- Tired of all the brown brown and more brown colors on the trails.  Pumped for the greens and random flowers to pop up.

Exploring Fun Spots in the Kansas City area with Gretchen- So many cool things to do here and Gretchen is old enough to really be participatory.

At the Nelson Adkins Art museum last spring. Flowers- Really just putting this on the list for Gretchen, she is a big fan and they are pretty.

What are you most excited for this spring?

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