Importance of Stretching As A Runner


Yeah I did that.  No, no I didn't.  Not that flexible.

Importance of Stretching

I was invited to take a couple of classes out at Yoga Six.  I love trying new classes and always need more yoga in my life.  When you spend time running it's important to get stretched out on the regular to increase your chances of staying injury free.  Making time for yoga is something I struggle to do.  I'm busy trying to hit weekly mileage goals and lift heavy weights.  Running and weights feel like you're  going fast, going hard but with yoga you have to slow it down and let the slow movements and stretches do their job.  Keeping you loose and flexible.

I tried out two classes Hot Yoga and Deep Stretch.  I'd never tried hot yoga before and it was hot.  I normally like working out in the heat so I figured it'd be good.  It was a little intense.  The next week I tried Deep Stretch, loved it.  The pace was slower than most yoga classes I've taken but it was all over the stretching.  Felt great right after my morning 7 miler.  Kristen taught both classes I took and she was great at talking through the moves to keep you flowing and not question what you should be doing.  Plus her name is Kristen so clearly she is awesome!  Like in many yoga classes she suggested that you set an intention for the class or your day.  The first thing that always pops into my mind is "Kristen, get your s**t together."  Maybe one day if I go to enough yoga classes I will get it together.  The stretches were great and flowed right into one another, the hour went by fast and it was time for shavasana which never lasts long enough.  It is the best part.

A little fancier and a whole bunch cleaner than my bathroom.

How important is getting some yoga in to you as a complement to your chosen sport?

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