Lake Vista Recreational Trail

I don't know why I had never checked it out before but when the normal trails were on the muddy side because rain I decided to check out the Lake Vista Recreational Trail out at lake Jacomo.  I park in the lot at the trail head lots when I head out to run other dirt packed  trails around the lake.  Turns out it is pretty nice for a wide path crushed stone trail.

The trail is a 5 mile loop around Blue Springs Lake in Blue Springs, Missouri.  I majority of the trail is tree-lined (guessing 3.5 miles of it.)  Would make for some nice shade when the temps heat up since almost always open trails are pretty much no shade.  This trail also has hills, like nice bigger ones.  My current go to wet weather trails are Little Blue Trace in Independence and the Trolly Trail in Kansas City but they are both super flat.  Lake Vista trail has some variety going on, it's refreshing.  I like Little Blue because it is flat and long so you can really bust out a lot of miles fast but it's good to have a little more challenge in your running.

The last mile plus is on the road and some sidewalk but you are running right by a lake so still nice.  The road does have a very wide edge so you have some space between you and the cars driving by.  I usually avoid road running but when I do I like to imagine that all the people in the cars driving by are jealous of me because I'm running and they are stuck in their car driving somewhere lame like work.  Probably not true but whatever.

At five miles it is a quick little loop but would work out well If I wanted to get several miles in I could hit up the car for supplies each lap. It's a really pleasant trail.  You feel very in nature when you're on it. I'll be giving it some more of my run time.

Whats your favorite always open trail?

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