Pumping Yourself Up With Inspiring Quotes For Workout Motivation

I love motivational inspiring quotes that are related to running and working out.  Love them! Can't get enough of them, always finding new to me ones to inspire and motivate.  Love them to a point that people probably find it a bit much and over the top.  However I know a lot of other runners and anyone passionate about their chosen sport love them too.  They are just so motivating and inspiring, haha.

Ways to display Quotes for workout motivation

There are endless good ones and I love seeing them all the time so I like to decorate with them.  The display possibilities are also endless.  I first made this large canvas.  I painted the background then used different sized sharpies to fill with quotes.  It hangs over the fire-place in my living room.

Then I made these smaller framed quotes for art on my bedroom wall.  I used different mediums for each one.

Paint, marker, glitter, print, sewing machine and cross stitch.

Then I went all out and got tatted up with a quote I love.

At Christmas my mom had us making ornaments.  I decorated mine with more quotes.  These can hang all year-long.

Then for when you're on the go I made a little travel pouch filled with a pack of quotes to pull out whenever.  Perfect for the gym bag or car.

What quote or saying inspires or pumps you up?

Let me know in the comments and I'll mail you your very own travel pouch of quotes. (I have 5 extra so first 5 comments with a quote get.  I'll email you for mailing address.)

Any good display ideas?

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