Trying Out a New Workout at Crossfit 816


I first heard out about cross fit years ago from my hip European cousins.  They were talking about their WOD's and I was like what's that?  Sounds cool but I got a lot going on with running all the time and all the weight lifting.  Since then it has become a lot more popular.  I'd never taken a class, a lot of what I hear about it sounds like a lot of crazy heavy weight being moved around in unsafe ways.  While you wouldn't really have to go to cross fit gym to do it there are a lot of gyms specific to cross fit and I think there is a big group exercise component to the workout.  Working as a group, cheering each other on to finish the workout.
My friend Jennifer is a big fan and has been going to her gym Crossfit 816 for a while so I figured it was time I checked it out.  Now I don't know what the classes at other Crossfit gyms are like but I did like this one.  I showed up right before class started because google tried to take me to their old location and then I still couldn't figure out how to get in the parking lot but I made it.  The instructor(Nicole, I think) was really nice and helpful.

The WOD(workout of the day) was written on the dry erase board.  I needed a little explanation of what everything meant but I think everyone who had been before understood it.  Warm up section then work on your squat form specifically pistol squats then the main workout and cool down. I generally like military style workouts.  Simple, not a lot of flair but really hard so this was a win for me.  I was hoping maybe the class would help with being able to lift heavier and I think it would.  We spent time working on squat form, it was a reminder that I am still way to tight in my legs, calfs and achilles.  Stuff to work on. The main workout was just two things, double under jump rope( I did singles because my first time and I need to work on Jump roping)  then sit ups with legs in the butterfly position. You did 50 of each, then 40, 30, 20,10 done.  The whole class lasted about an hour.

It's good to mix your workouts up and I might try adding a few of these classes into my normal routine. After this class I headed to Yoga Six for hot Yoga because clearly I need the stretching.  Going to check out another class next week.

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